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10 Important Things About Computer That Everyone Should Know
by Hemanth kumar

most important tips every computer user should know

There are certain things every one of us should learn about computer to keep our computer speed, safe and easy to use.

  1. Set Up a Simple Backup System
  2. The main important thing we should know is system backup. It just take minutes to backup so everyone should do it now. It is useful when we lost data

  3. Do Everything Faster with Shortcuts
  4. By using computer shortcuts (like ctrl + s for save; ctrl + P for print) we can do a lot of thing much faster. There are 6 most important keyboard shotcuts every computer user should know. They are

    • Control+F (or Command+F on the Mac)
    • Control+N (or Command+N on a Mac)
    • Control+S (or Command+S on a Mac)
    • Control+P (or Command+P on a Mac)
    • Alt+F4 (or Command+Q on a Mac)
    • Enter (or Return on a Mac)
  5. Protect Yourself From Viruses
  6. Windows users face a lot of problems due to viruses and other malware. The way to avoid these problems is learning the difference between viruses, Trojans and other kinds of attacks. Install some free antivirus software to protect from virus. Don't open links, install programs from unknown users.

  7. Set Up Your Network (and Fix Wi-Fi Problems)
  8. Understanding routers, modems, and the other things that make up your network can seem daunting, but there are a few basics that can fix most problems that come your way. Does your router constantly need resetting? Make sure it isn’t overheating or clogged with traffic. Is your Wi-Fi speed and range less than ideal? Use one of these tricks to give it a boost. If you experience more serious problems, you can probably fix them yourself too.

  9. Keep Your PC Free of Crap
  10. Crapware is a huge problem in the world of Windows, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it lying down. With the right tools and a little know-how, you can avoid that crapware forevermore: just uninstall the stuff that came with your system, and learn the ways companies trick you into installing stuff you don’t want. You’ll keep that system nice and clean, and beat the scammers at their own game.

  11. Access Your Home Computer From Anywhere
  12. Ever go out with your laptop and realize you left something important on your computer at home? One way to solve this problem is to use a service like Dropbox, so your files are with you everywhere you go. It is also handy to know how to use your home computer from anywhere. With a simple app like TeamViewer, you can log into your home computer from another machine and use it as if you were sitting right at your desk—whether you just need to grab a quick file or access a program you don’t have elsewhere.

  13. Keep Your Computer in Tip-Top Shape with Regular Maintenance
  14. Computer maintenance has gotten really confusing over the years. Defragging, cleaning up temporary files, and other tasks. it’s gotten a lot easier in recent years: you only really need to do one or two things to keep your computer running fast and smooth. Check out our guides to Windows maintenance and Mac maintenance for more info and keep your PC running like new.

  15. Instantly Share a File Between Two Computers
  16. It’s very easy to transfer a file between two computers over your wireless (or wired) network, whether it’s between you and a friend or between multiple computers you own. Here are our favorite ways to share files with a nearby computer, but if you want to share them between multiple computers in your house, Windows’ Homegroup feature is a great option. Of course, this is where the aforementioned Dropbox app can come in handy, too.

  17. Easily Find Your Lost or Stolen Gadgets
  18. You never know when you might misplace your phone or laptop, so set up some safeguards now. iPhone users can enable Find My iPhone, and Android users should enable the Android Device Manager, which allows you to track your phone if you lose it. Of course, you can always get more feature-rich apps which can track nearly any laptop or smartphone that’s gone missing, and even get a photo of who might be using it. If you’re missing a camera, the CameraTrace service can help you find it, too. Of course, the best solution is making sure it doesn’t get stolen in the first place and making sure all your personal data is locked down.

  19. Keep Your Personal Information Safe and Secure
  20. Unfortunately, the internet isn’t always a safe place, which means everyone needs to make sure they’re keeping their personal information safe. Make sure you use strong passwords, remove personal information from photos and other files, and never use open public Wi-Fi networks without protection.

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