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Laptop Noisy and Internal Cracking Sound

laptop noisy and internal cracking sound

Problem Cause:

The most common reason why a laptop makes excessive noise is due to a noisy laptop fan and dust inside laptop fan. Over time, a laptop’s fan starts getting noisier and may start sounding like a hairdryer and grinder.

Our solutions:

Our pro techs will help you solving these problems

we can troubleshoot and analysis the noisy laptop of Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Sony, Compaq and, Toshiba

we use the latest equipment to clean the dust and debris inside the laptop and make it as a new

we have a ready stock of all model brands Processor Fan's to replace if in case if a must to be replaced, we have a thermal compound and thermal pads to reduce the heat of Internal Graphic card ATI, Nvidia, Intel chips.