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Laptop Running / Booting Slow

laptop running / booting slow

Problem Cause:

Laptops get slower over time due to regular usage and junk files stored in windows folders, and bad hard drives. So, if you’re figuring how to make your computer faster, there are few factors that you may need to sort including hardware and software issues.

Our solutions:

Our tech pros will analyse the requirements of your usage and diagnose the laptop with specifications

we will run the self-test diagnostics and the tools to find the problem root to provide the best solutions for slow booting laptops like Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Sony and Samsung

Our Onsite engineers will have the ready stock of RAM (memory) and Hard drives to replace if and upgradations or if found any malfunctioning spares inside the laptop

according to your computing requirements and Your laptop Hardware specifications, we will upgrade the Windows operating systems and applications to run all your applications faster and errors free.

We undertake the installations of Genuine windows software both OEM and Full licenced Windows 10 Home and Pro, windows 7 professional, windows server OS and all OEM upgrades